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Killed Nov 26, 2013 23:12:15 GMT

Crates? Why did it have to be crates? oh well it was a tight encounter,
we managed to progress steady the first night but was lacking a bit of dps to finish off the last room on one of the sides, Next day with a whole night of progression we managed to finish this riddle off! Squizing in some extra dps made us finish off the encounter by 2 seconds left on the clock for enrage ! well done guys.

PS : 2 bosses in 1 week is good ! :)
off to Malkorok!

Killed Nov 24, 2013 20:42:10 GMT
Yet another week of steady progression ended with finishing off the "Frightening shamans"
We decided to easy this encounter by bringing 3 tanks, Only fine tuning was needed towards the last 25 % and it was an easy bust, Quite a simple fight imo. Good job!

Killed Nov 18, 2013 21:07:08 GMT

Last week we ended the week with killing yet another Heroic encounter,
This boss reminds me of "The faction champions" in trial of crusader, Alot of add management,
We found it easy with 3 healers compared to 2, Enrage was never an issue so why make it hader than it should be? Off to Dark shamans next week !
Milford Sound in New Zealand

- Killed Oct31, 2013 23:05:12 GMT

We started some progression on this for a few tries this reset, but managed to get some steady progress on him wich resulted in a kill at the end of the raid , well done guys , on to the General next!

Hey all , After a lot of blood, sweat and tears we are "back in business"
We have had some issues with
Attendance lately, but managed to keep up with a heroic kill each reset more of less.

Here is some of our last accomplishments :

Immerseus 10-man Heroic Killed
Oct 13, 2013 19:41:17 GMT
-Quite a tricky boss this one, alot of movement and awareness required, Quite a big step up from normal since you have to deal with stacks/debuff and adds! but we managed to get it down, Good job guys.

Fallen Protectors 10-man Heroic Killed Oct 17, 2013 21:32:38 GMT

- Healers just love this fight, i Quite enjoy it myself. At our first progression night on this boss we managed to kill it after several attempts, The tricky part for us was always the Rook transitions, but we managed to sort this out resulting in a kill, a clean kill!  So the protectors bites the dust!

Norushen 10-man Heroic Killed Oct 17, 2013 19:56:01 GMT

-Norushen , The trial before pride, Quite and interesting fight as well,
This heroic did not give us much of a challenge at all, Quite a simple boss on heroic.
Key for us was the orb management and resulted in a clean kill the same night as protectors! 2 kills in 1 night? well going good :)

Sha of Pride 10-man Heroic Killed Oct 27, 2013 20:36:19 GMT

- WE had some steady progression on sha, but due to bad set ups and off spec usage we had to kill it on normal the first progression night, next reset we managed to get this fucker down, once you learn how to deal with the mechanics its a fairly easy fight as well.
keep your pride low !

Galakras 10-man Heroic Killed Oct 28, 2013 21:38:19 GMT

- We Started off with some progression on the night we killed Sha of pride,
we felt confidence and the progression from there on was marvelous, we got Galakras
to Phase 2 and came back the day after for the kill, Good job guys - Tower boss bites the dust!

We allways look for more players to strenghten our 10 man progression team , as of for now we are currently looking actively for the classes below.

                                                                    Recruitment Status :
                                                                       Mage - High
                                                               Druid Balance - High
                                                            Shaman - Elemental - High
                                                               Warlock - Medium
                                                               Priest - Shadow - Medium

These are our current Raid spots available, All applicants will be considered Equally.

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Realm Rank 5
Region Rank 1484
World Rank 2418
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